Dog Park

The County of San Diego’s public health order is still in effect, however new updates have relaxed restrictions on local parks. Parks are now permitted to be open for active recreational use with some restrictions. View the status of city services here.
Dog Park Large ViewThe Poway Dog Park is a 1.75-acre off-leash area for dogs located at Poway Community Park; in the southwest corner of the park. The Poway Dog Park has 3 fenced-in areas. Each area has: 
  • A water source (dog lick faucet)
  • Picnic benches
  • Space for dogs to play, run around, and have fun

Please walk your dogs on-leash to the dog park. As soon as you enter 1 of the 3 fenced-in areas, you're welcome to take them off-leash and let them explore. There are dog pens for public use, but reservations take priority.

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