City Records


City Clerk's Office Records

  • Access to records including contracts and agreements, election records, and recorded documents.

City Council Records

  • Access to City Council agendas and minutes, ordinances, and resolutions.

Finance Records

  • Access to annual financial reports and fiscal year budgets.

The records portal may require web browser setting changes to view documents.


Public Records Request Form

Many documents are available immediately by accessing the City Records Portal. Requests for records can also be made by completing the Public Records Request Form, calling the City Clerk’s Office at (858) 668-4530, or visiting the City Clerk’s Office at 13325 Civic Center Drive, Poway during regular business hours.

Copy Fees

The City charges $0.10 each page (per side) for standard legal sheets of paper. Actual postage and copy fees will be collected from requester prior to mailing; if required to mail documents.

Records Retention Schedule

The City’s Records Retention Schedule is a list of all records produced or maintained by an agency and the length of time for which those records are kept. Provisions within federal and state law mandate the minimum length of time certain types of records must be kept, including permanent retention for some documents. It is within the agency’s legal authority to receive, create, retain and dispose of official public records.