Code Compliance

Making Our City More Livable

The primary responsibility of the City's Code Compliance Division is to ensure that the Poway Municipal Code is being followed, which helps provide a better quality of life for all City residents. The following is a list of the frequently received complaints as they relate to the Poway Municipal Code:

ComplaintPoway Municipal Code
Abandoned Vehicles on Private PropertyPMC 10.52.010
Green Pools and SpasPMC 8.16.060
Graffiti On Private PropertyPMC 9.56.020.B
Placing and Removal of Trash ContainersPMC 8.68.145 C
Unkempt YardsPMC 8.76.030 and PMC 8.80.030

Sometimes the Code Compliance Division receive calls regarding issues that are not in violation of the Poway Municipal Code and therefore do not fall under the City's jurisdiction. These types of items, such as leaves falling into your pool from a neighbor's yard, or a tree causing damage to a fence or structure on your property, are civil matters.

Making a Code Compliance Complaint

To make a complaint, please email us or you may use the online Web Service Request page which is located here: Service Request | Poway, CA - Official Website. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number, and provide us with as much information as possible relating to your complaint. You may also file a complaint by calling 858-668-4660. 

Graffiti Hotline 858-668-1234

To report graffiti, please call the City's Graffiti Hotline at 858-668-1234. The City has also implemented a program to remove graffiti from private property in public view, at no cost to the property owner. In order for the City to enter onto your property to remove or paint over graffiti, we must have your written approval. Fill out and submit a Permission to Remove Graffiti on Private Property form (PDF).