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City Clerk

  1. Public Records Request Form

    Submit a Public Records Request using the form.

City Manager

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Gather input from customers regarding the services received, allowing the City to improve upon customer service.

  1. Water Report Feedback

    Tell us whether you found your property's custom water report to be useful.

Community Services

  1. I Believe In Poway

    If you or your business Believes in Poway like we do, join us in making the best place to live in San Diego County.

Water /Sewer Services

  1. Close Water/Sewer Service

    Fill out this form request to close water/sewer service. Once we receive your request, it will be processed the following business day... More…

  1. Scheduled Payment Arrangement

    This form is to confirm your request for a scheduled payment arrangement with the City of Poway. If your account is currently enrolled... More…