What impact will this have on the residents living along this stretch of road?

Espola Road is an essential corridor between the southeastern portion of Poway and areas to the north. Creating safe access along a stretch of road that was built long before Poway incorporated is not without its challenges.

The existing right-of-way doesn’t always provide the needed area for the project. The City acquired strips of land adjacent to the road from some property owners in order for the pathway to be built.

Construction will impact the current landscape. A few trees that exist in the area of the new pathway have been identified for removal. There are walls, utility poles, signs and other impairments that will need to be moved as well.

 As with any plan that impacts a neighborhood while enhancing the community at large, there were significant variations and points of view to consider. After thoughtful consideration, the City Council determined that this alternative would provide the balance needed between progress and preservation. Its open, natural design mirrors the “City in the Country” tone of the community while ensuring for the safety of those who travel this road.

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1. What is this project?
2. Why are we doing this?
3. How much is this going to cost and how will it be paid for?
4. Will this project improve traffic?
5. What impact will this have on the residents living along this stretch of road?
6. How long will the project take to complete?
7. How will traffic be impacted during the construction period?
8. Why is construction being done during the school year, instead of over breaks or even at night?
9. Who is involved in the project?
10. Why aren't there construction crews working every day?