What is this project?

The Espola Road Safety Improvements Project will improve safety for those who walk, jog, cycle or ride horses along the stretch of Espola Road between Poway High School and Twin Peaks Road. Specifically, it will add a pathway where none currently exists on the west side of Espola Road, from Mountain Road (just north of Twin Peaks Road) to Willow Ranch Road (about a block south of Titan Way).

The first phase of the project will be grading the pathway and shoulder area along with installation of retaining walls and new street lights. This will be followed by the “undergrounding” of overhead utilities phase. This means that the overhead powerlines and other equipment will be moved underground, aesthetically improving the roadway and removing obstacles from the proposed pathway. SDG&E’s contractor will complete the trenching and conduit installation for all of the utility companies. SDG&E, AT&T, and Cox Communications will each complete their own cable installations in the new underground conduit and remove their facilities from the overhead poles. Once the utilities are underground, SDG&E will remove the poles. A few poles will remain in place that serve residences that are not included in the undergrounding limits.

The final phase of the project is creating a safe access by installing a decomposed granite (DG) pathway. The pathway will be generally set back from the main road and include a lodge-pole fence as a protective barrier.

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1. What is this project?
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