Where can I get more information?
The full text of the SUSMP requirements can be found in the Poway Local SUSMP, which is available in the Development Services Department, Land Development Engineering Division. These requirements have been incorporated in Chapters 16.100 through 16.105 of the Poway Municipal Code (PMC). Handbooks that give additional information on the design and implementation of BMPs can be found online.

For more information, please contact Development Services at 858-668-4600, or visit the Development Services counter on the 1st floor of Poway City Hall at 13325 Civic Center Drive.

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1. What is SUSMP?
2. How does development increase urban runoff and water pollution?
3. How do I know whether my construction project is subject to SUSMP requirements?
4. What is the city looking for when reviewing my plans?
5. How can the project design help reduce urban runoff and pollution?
6. What can I do to reduce the amount of pollution my project creates?
7. How can I remove pollutants from the runoff?
8. Who is responsible for maintaining the Best Management Practices?
9. Where can I get more information?