What is a business certificate?
A city business certificate helps us ensure that all new and existing businesses are aware of and conform to all city zoning, fire, and public safety ordinances, rules, and regulations. The business certificate fee is not a tax; it only recovers the costs of processing the application for a business certificate or a renewal.

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1. What is a business certificate?
2. If I have the same business at more than one location, do I need a Business Certificate for each separate location?
3. How much does a business certificate cost?
4. How do I change the address for my certificate?
5. Can I transfer my business certificate to a new owner?
6. Can I apply for a business certificate on a closed Friday?
7. Who needs to apply for a City of Poway business certificate?
8. Does the location of my business affect my license?
9. How long does it take to process a business certificate?
10. Is my business subject to the Industrial General Permit (IGP)?