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Posted on: January 29, 2024

Poway CityApp Makes Reporting Easy

Poway CityApp report of street sweeper missing street

Using the Poway CityApp, a resident reported the street sweeper wasn’t going to the end of their street. The section of road recently was paved as a city-maintained street and had not yet been added to the contractor’s schedule. Public Works staff immediately responded, the schedule was fixed, and a street sweeper was dispatched to sweep.

The Poway CityApp makes reporting an issue easy. But while the process is automated, the response is not. Each request is evaluated and handled by city staff. We prioritize requests and the amount of additional investigation or lead time for procuring materials to address an issue varies.

To help us be as efficient as possible to address your request, provide a detailed description of the issue and the location. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we agree when it comes to the Poway CityApp. A photo takes the guesswork out of making sure we’re addressing the correct issue in the correct spot. If you aren’t able to make a report from the location, don’t forget to update the map as it will default to where you are when make the report.

For example, if you see a traffic signal light out and report the issue once you are home, move the map image to align the “X” to the intersection before selecting “next.” Double check the street name is correct and use directional prompts when you add notes such as “northeast corner next to the gas station.”

Download the Poway CityApp for free at your app store.

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