LMD 87-1 Ballot Measure

LMD 87-1 was initially established in 1987. This LMD covers the cost for water, electricity, and contracted labor for tree trimming, gardening, litter control, weed abatement and other upkeep and general maintenance. Landscape improvements in LMD 87-1 are generally located along the streets and medians.

LMD Funding

LMDs are funded by an assessment collected on your annual property tax bill. These assessment rates were initially established in 1987 and have remained unchanged since 1998. The funds being collected were no longer sufficient to adequately maintain the LMD area at its current service level.

To address the projected funding shortfalls, the City took measures to increase the efficiency of our landscape services. Every landscaping contract is obtained through a competitive bidding process to ensure the lowest possible cost. Nonetheless, the City faced the same challenges that businesses face – the costs of energy, water, materials, and labor continue to rise. Repairs are needed, as well as water efficient upgrades to the irrigation system.

Read the Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Engineer's Report.

Prop 218: Ballot Measure Result

Under the provisions of Prop 218, ballots were mailed to all commercial parcels in the proposed re-engineered LMD 19-1 to address funding shortfalls. Ballots were received through the end of the public hearing at the May 21, 2019 City Council meeting. (View agenda report)

The majority of votes received supported the formation of the new district (LMD 19-1). These results were weighted based on each parcel's existing assessment, with 58 percent of ballots returned. The weighted results showed 55 percent in favor of the ballot and 45 percent  against. (View results)

19-1 Total Votes Received 58%

Zone Yes
votes | value
votes | value
19-1 92/$234,255 118/$188,215.86
Percent 55% 45%

Click on the interactive map of LMD 19-1 for the proposed assessment rates by zones.

 Interactive Map of LMD 19-1 for the Proposed Assessment Rates by Zones