Under 6 Years

Swim Center Reopening

  1. The pool will begin normal hours of operation on November 15.

    We will have special hours on November 14, opening 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 3 to 7 p.m.

    See you then!

Parent / Child, Ages 6 to 24 Months
Introduces your child to the water and basic water skills. Does not teach children to be accomplished swimmers or survival skills. Parents must accompany their children in the water.

Pre-Grunion, Age 2
Designed for young children who are ready to begin learning swimming skills, but not ready to participate without their parents. Skills introduced are water entry, breath control, bobbing, and beginning swim stroke. Parents must accompany their children in the water.

Grunion 1, Ages 3 to 4
A beginning class for children with limited or no swimming experience to become comfortable in the water. Skills range from submerging underwater, front and back floats, front and back kicking, and beginning swim strokes. 

Grunion 2, Ages 3 to 5
Introductory class for children who have successfully completed the Grunion 1 class or who are very comfortable in the water. This class reinforces skills learned in Grunion 1, with a greater emphasis on independence.

Grunion 3, Ages 3 to 5
Designed for swimmers who are able to float, kick, and swim a few front crawl strokes on their ownEmphasized skills include the front and back crawl. Students should feel comfortable in at least four feet of water.

Otter Pup, Ages 3 to 5
This class for swimmers that are ready to go on to the Otter level, but not old enough for the Otter class. Focuses on improving technique, increased endurance of front crawl and back crawl, and side-breathing. Students must be proficient in all Grunion 3 skills prior to enrollment in this class.

For information about registration, assessments, and wait lists, click here.