Drone Restrictions

The Poway City Council Municipal Code (Chapter 8.98) prohibits persons from launching into flight, operating, and landing following flight, drones during such times that the City of Poway is experiencing an emergency response.

When is this in effect?

We recommend signing up for the Drone Restriction Alert.

In the event of an emergency response, a message will go out via email and text advising of the area(s) of Poway that have drone restrictions in place.

What is banned during emergencies?

Commercial and non-commercial uses of unmanned aircraft systems known as drones, unmanned aerial vehicles capable of controlled flight.

What are the designated Geographic Areas?

The City is divided into four quadrants and during an emergency, one or more of the quadrants may have drone operation restrictions. Drone Quadrants Restrictions Map Opens in new window


Drone Restrictions Alerts

  1. There are no alerts at this time.

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Additional Information from the FAA