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City of Poway Affordable Housing Map Tour

Affordable Housing

The Poway Housing Authority provides the community with a variety of housing options, including high-quality, multi-family and single-family homes affordable to very low, low and moderate income households.

City of Poway Heritage Trees Map Tour

Heritage Trees

Several trees in Poway have been designated as Heritage Trees by the City Council. A Heritage Tree is a tree on public property or public right-of-way that has historic or cultural significance. The Poway Oak was the City's first Heritage Tree.

City of Poway Historical Sites Map Tour

Historical Markers

The historical marker project was designed to safeguard the City's historical heritage and to foster civic pride in the character and accomplishments of Poway's past.

City Of Poway Parks Map Tour


The City of Poway has community, recreational and neighborhood parks that offer amenities including fishing, sports fields, playgrounds and a skate park.



The City of Poway trails system has more than 55 miles of some of the finest trails in Southern California. Our trails are excellent for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Very High Fire Hazard Zone Map

Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones

This map allows you to enter your address to determine if you are in a very high fire hazard severity zone.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation Landscape Conversion

As part of the ongoing Water Conservation Program, the City of Poway has identified areas at City facilities and parks where turf can be removed to reduce water use.