Trash & Recycling Collection for Business

All commercial and industrial trash and recycling collection services are provided by EDCO Disposal. The contract is managed by the Public Works Department.

Effective July 1, 2012, it is mandatory for all businesses located in the state to recycle. Assembly Bill 341 requires recyclable materials be separated from solid waste in order to reduce items going into the waste stream. This new requirement can be met several ways. You can contact EDCO and speak to a service representative who can assist you with selecting the best choice for your business.

EDCO has a Commingled Commercial Recycling Program (PDF) for retail businesses, office buildings, restaurants, convenience stores, industrial centers, and multi-family complexes. Commingled recycling is easy and convenient because paper, cardboard, cans, and bottles can be placed in the same recycling container mixed together. By establishing or increasing recycling service, businesses can reduce the volume and frequency of weekly trash collection service and save money.

Please contact EDCO at (858) 748-7769 to establish service.

Business - Current Trash Rates

Commercial Services
(partial listing)
(effective 07/01/22)
3-cubic yard trash bin (collection weekly)$125.40
3-cubic yard yard waste bin (collected weekly) - Multi-family Complexes Only
3-cubic yard recycling bin (collection weekly)
Industrial Debris Box Services
(partial listing)
(effective 07/01/22)
3-cubic yard bin, 3-day rental
3-cubic yard bin, 1-month rental (emptying once a week)$278.76
40-cubic yard bin, 5-day rental (excluding per-ton disposal)$209.94

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