The Poway Fire Department places great value on having access to communication systems and hardware that promote personnel safety and incident management effectiveness. All responding personnel are equipped with a variety of radio communication equipment and system capability that enables them to perform their jobs efficiently.

Dispatch Services

Dispatching of emergency and non-emergency incidents for the Poway Fire Department is handled via contract with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Emergency Communication and Data Center (ECDC). Dispatch and incident communications are transmitted over an 800 MHz frequency range maintained by the City of San Diego. Mobile Data Computers (MDC), fire station alerting and a pager network alert responders and transmit valuable incident response information.

San Diego County Regional Communication System (RCS)

The San Diego - Imperial County RCS provides public safety voice and data communications to more than 200 local, state, and federal agencies in San Diego and Imperial counties. The RCS utilizes the 800 MHz frequency range independent of that used by the City of San Diego. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department's Wireless Services Division oversees the operation and maintenance of the RCS. The City of Poway is a member of RCS, and it is used throughout the city by all departments. The Poway Fire Department uses the RCS for mutual aid responses with other RCS-enabled agencies. This system provides valuable radio communications capability with other City of Poway departments, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, and EMS reporting to area hospitals.

Very High Frequency (VHF)

Another communication system used by the Poway Fire Department is VHF. This system is recognized as the statewide communication system during mutual aid responses. This system is used by CALFire, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the state park system. This is the dominate communication system during large-scale incidents or regional disasters.