Section I - Purpose

The purpose of the Budget Review Committee shall be to review the Annual Operating and Capital Improvement Budget as proposed by the City Manager, and report its findings to the City Council.

Section II - Duties

The Budget Review Committee shall have the following duties as determined by the Poway City Council:
  • With the assistance of staff, review the budget as prepared by the City Manager.
  • As appropriate, suggest means of improving the format of the budget in order that it be easily read and comprehended.
  • Review terminology used within the budget such that it may be easily understood by all interested readers.
  • Suggest areas that the City Council may wish to establish specific strategies pertaining to either revenues or expenditures.
  • Review the budget activity goals and objectives as well as the activity workload statistics.
  • Prepare a final written report to be presented to the City Council at the public hearing regarding the budget.

Section III - Membership

The Budget Review Committee shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of the City Council.  Each Councilmember shall offer one nomination for appointment to the committee for Council consideration.

  • Committee members shall be residents of the City of Poway.
  • The term of membership shall be for two years.
  • The City Manager or his designee shall be an ex-officio member of the committee.

Section IV - Voting

Each committee member shall be entitled to one vote. Approval of any matter requires an affirmative vote from the majority of the membership of the committee or 3 votes.

Section V - Termination of Membership

If a member misses more than three (3) consecutive meetings of the committee, without prior authorization from the Mayor, such member shall be considered to have resigned from the Committee.  In addition, any member of the Committee may be removed at any time and without cause by a majority vote of the City Council.

Section VI - Meetings of Members

  • Regular meetings of the committee shall be scheduled at a time and place agreed to by the committee which will facilitate the attendance and input of the public.
  • Special meetings may be called at any time by the chairperson or three (3) or more members.

Section VII - Officers

The officers of the committee shall be the chairperson and vice chairperson. The City Manager or designee, as an ex-officio member of the committee, shall serve as secretary to the committee.

Section VIII - Duties of Officers

  • The Chairperson shall preside at all committee meetings.
  • The Vice Chairperson shall assume all the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson in the Chairperson's absence.
  • The Secretary shall prepare agendas and shall give notice of regular and special meetings of the committee.

Section IX - Conduct

  • Conflict of Interest. Upon becoming a Committee member, and annually thereafter, each Committee member shall file a Statement of Economic Interest (FPPC Form 700) with the City Clerk of the City of Poway in accordance with California Government Code and the City’s Conflict of Interest Code.  Additionally, Committee members are required to refrain from participation in matters where they have a potential conflict of interest.  The Political Reform Act controls financial conflicts of interest of public officials and advisory boards.
  • Ethics Training. Committee members are required to obtain ethics training as outlined in California Assembly Bill 1234, Government Code Section 53234, et seq.
  • City's Code of Ethics.  The City's Code of Ethics shall be upheld by all Committee members.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Education.  Committee members are required to obtain sexual harassment prevention training and education as outlined in California Assembly Bill 1661, Government Code Section 53237, et seq.
  • Additional Requirements.  Committee members may be required to obtain additional training as assigned by the City or required by State Government Code.

Section X - Brown Act Compliance

All meetings of City committees and groups are to be open and public, and all persons are to be permitted to attend any meeting.  Committee members shall comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act (California Government Code section 54590 et seq.).  

A written agenda must be prepared for each regular or special meeting of every legislative body.  The agenda must contain a brief general description of each item of business to be transacted or discussed at the meeting and must specify the time and location of the meeting. No action shall be taken on any item not appearing on the posted agenda.  (Sections 54954.2 and 54956)

The agenda must be posted at least 72 hours before a regular meeting and 24 hours before a special meeting, in a location that is freely accessible to members of the public and on the City’s website.  (Sections 54954.2 and 54956)

Section XI - Compensation

Members of the committee shall serve without compensation.

Rev. January 15, 2019

Historical Data

  • Committee Established - February 17, 1981
  • Adopted Charter by Resolution 86-084 - August 5, 1986
  • Revised Charter by Resolution 02-039 (Rescinding 86-084) - April 23, 2002
  • Revised Charter by Resolution 19-004 (Rescinding 02-039) - January 15, 2019