Archery Range

Whether your goal is to have a solitary shoot, participate in a little friendly competition, or to develop skills to become an Olympic archer, the Lake Poway Archery Range is the perfect place to practice your aim.

General Information

The range opens 30 minutes after sunrise and closes 30 minutes before sunset. Available on a first-come, first-served basis or by private reservation. View the Facility Calendar for availability. During reservations and classes the archery range is not open to the general public. All users must have a current Lake Poway archery card and check in with a ranger prior to use.

Please review the archery range safety rules before use.

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Rent this facility for your exclusive use for birthday parties, tournaments, and more.

Lake Poway Archery Card

Archery cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Submit an archery card application (PDF) and the $16 fee to the Lake Poway Concession, which is open Wednesday-Sunday, from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Archery Classes

The City of Poway offers archery camps and classes in the spring and summer, where adults and youth can learn the basics of the sport while having a great time. Junior Olympic Archery Development offers classes for adults and youth year-round. Classes are taught by state and national champion and certified NTS level IV Olympic Coach Alanna Dunaway. For more information, please email Alanna.

Archery Range Safety Rules 

  1. Loudly announce any observed problem or dangerous situation, and order all shooting to be stopped.
  2. No broadheads allowed.
  3. Crossbows are not allowed.
  4. No drawing of bows with arrows except at the shooting line.
  5. All shooters must shoot from the shooting line.
  6. No one may move forward of the shooting line until all shooting has stopped and all arrows removed from bows.
  7. Trapping, killing, wounding, or maltreating any wild or domesticated animal is prohibited.
  8. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at the archery range.
  9. Each user must be in possession of a current Lake Poway archery range card and be prepared to present the card upon staff request.
  10. Users must obey all rules and regulations, posted or otherwise. Privileges may be revoked for violations of rules and regulations.
  11. Use of the archery range can only occur during Lake Poway park hours. Shooting may begin 30 minutes after sunrise and must end 30 minutes before sunset.
  12. Park within marked stalls within the limits of Lake Poway.
  13. Users and spectators under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years of age or older.
  14. Shoot only at standard target bales (no hills etc.)
  15. Supply and remove your own targets.
  16. Be considerate of others and keep the noise level down.
  17. Shoot no more than six arrows at a time.
  18. Glass is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas of city facilities and parks.
  19. Smoking is prohibited at the archery range.
  20. Deposit all trash in trash receptacles.
  21. Do not move target bales.

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