Sustainability is a general concept used to describe a community that considers the long-term effects of its decisions on future generations and the natural world. It is a tool that helps individuals and communities such as Poway focus on what needs to be done to ensure that future generations and natural communities are stable and thrive.

This includes:

  • Changes to building and land use
  • Energy, fuel, and resource efficiency
  • Reuse and recycling
  • Waste reduction
  • Wise use of natural and economic resources

Sustainable Community

A truly sustainable community goes beyond basic energy efficiency and pollution reduction. A sustainable community provides for all the needs of its inhabitants, protects its open spaces, natural habitats and landscapes; ensures access to basic human needs such as food, housing and health care; encourages active community involvement in social, political and community activities; and provides the everyday services that make daily tasks possible such as maintaining roadways and providing safe drinking water.

Poway is taking positive steps towards sustainability and proactively addressing environmental challenges. The City of Poway has implemented many policies and programs to become a more sustainable community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the last few years. The city is also working with a number of regional partners to help maintain the quality of life enjoyed in Poway and the San Diego region.

Importance of Sustainability

Locally, sustainability is important to ensure that the social, environmental, and economic systems that make up our community are providing a healthy and meaningful life for residents and visitors alike. Communities like Poway and its residents can work together to move toward sustainability.