Human Resources & Risk Management

The City of Poway has more than 225 full-time employees and an average of 100 part-time, temporary/seasonal employees serving the Poway community. Working for the City of Poway provides the unique opportunity to make a difference in the quality of life for Poway residents, businesses and visitors. City employees perform a wide variety of roles on a daily basis, creating an exciting and positive work environment that embraces talent, diversity and the spirit of public service. We are dedicated to fostering a workplace that acknowledges all our employees’ unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives - where every voice is heard and respected. We actively embrace different viewpoints, and firmly believe that this makes our organization stronger, more creative, and one of the most desirable cities to work for in San Diego County.

The role of the Human Resources & Risk Management Department is to provide strategic and operational programs and services to recruit, develop and retain a highly qualified and talented workforce in a safe and productive work environment. Through supportive partnerships with departments across the City, Human Resources and Risk Management staff strives to meet the needs of employees, the management team and organization by performing work under the functional areas listed below, outlined in the two separate divisions.  
HR Infographic

Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding Employees

Human Resources facilitates and manages the City’s recruitment, examination, selection, pre-employment background screening and post-offer medical evaluations for all regular and temporary employees.  In addition, Human Resources staff members conduct all new employee orientations and set up new employees in the City’s financial and human resources information system, Tyler MUNIS.  

Policy Development & Implementation

Policies are an important part of an organization’s culture and should promote a diverse workplace based on merit and achievement in all aspects of human resources management.  The City’s policies, procedures, and rules communicate our standards, expectations and requirements to employees. They are developed collaboratively with management and employee labor groups to ensure personnel matters are handled in a fair, equitable, and consistent manner across the organization.

Benefits Administration 

All of the City of Poway’s organizational achievements are made possible because of the collective efforts of every individual employee. The City offers a comprehensive array of benefits to protect the health of its employees and their family members so they may provide the highest quality of programs and services to a community with high standards. Benefits are determined by the City Council through collective bargaining agreements between the City and the union, as well as through Resolutions and Ordinances. Human Resources staff members not only administer the City’s benefit plans but they also ensure compliance with a myriad of state and federal laws that apply to benefits and leaves such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, California Family Rights Act, and Americans with Disability Act, among many others.

Labor & Employee Relations

The City of Poway has two unions – Teamsters (Non-Safety Employees) and the Poway Firefighters Association (PFA). Employees designated as management or confidential make up the Management/Confidential employee group.   Human Resources plays a key role in negotiating, developing and implementing the terms and provisions in the Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between the City and the unions, as well as the terms in the Salary & Benefits Plan Document for the Management/Confidential group of employees.  In addition, Human Resources works with departments to address employee relations matters, including grievances, performance issues and discipline matters. 

Organization and Workforce Planning

The City’s ability to recruit and retain highly qualified and talented employees begins with clearly developed job descriptions that accurately reflect the scope of work for every classification. Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that the City’s Classification & Compensation system remains competitive with the market while also remaining equitable internally with regards to the value and relationships of jobs in the organization to each other. In addition, Human Resources staff members support departments with organizational studies and in their succession planning efforts. 

Employee Development, Training and Recognition

The City of Poway is committed to the professional development of its workforce. The City supports employees seeking to advance their professional skills and encourages this process by sharing expenses through the City’s tuition reimbursement program. In addition, the Human Resources Department supplements department training with additional training resources through the City County Personnel Association’s partnership with different training agencies.  Human Resources also coordinates Citywide mandatory training to emphasize the importance of a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination and one that is safe and based on ethical principles.  Human Resources also manages the performance evaluation process and coordinates various recognition programs including service awards and nominations for employees based on exemplifying specific attributes while performing their service to the organization and community.  



Risk Management works to safeguard the community’s public assets and serves as a resource for the health, safety and well-being of City of Poway employees.  By partnering with departments, Risk Management supports mitigation efforts across the organization to reduce the frequency and severity of liability, workers’ compensation and property claims.  

The City of Poway is a member of the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (JPIA) which was founded in 1978 and currently has over 120 members up and down the state of California. The mission of the California JPIA is to provide innovative risk management solutions for its members, comprised of cities, joint powers authorities, and special districts. Through membership in the California JPIA, Risk Management staff members manage a comprehensive risk management program, which includes a pooled self-insurance liability program administered by the California JPIA, property and other types of insurance coverage, and working with third party administrators for liability and workers’ compensation claims administration.

To file a liability claim with the City of Poway, please complete a City of Poway claim form and mail or submit to the City Clerk’s Office, City of Poway, 13325 Civic Center Drive, Poway, CA 92064.