Why Affordable Housing Is Important

Why Affordable Housing Is Important to Poway

Poway's affordable housing developments are home to a variety of working families and seniors, including teachers, safety service personnel, individuals who work in the service, health, and construction sectors, and longtime Poway residents. Data shows that the majority of the tenants in Poway's affordable housing developments were already living or working in Poway, prior to moving into one of Poway's affordable developments. Providing affordable housing in the community often times allows residents to stay near family and close to work. This is the case for approximately 74% of those living in Poway affordable housing. Affordable housing also supports the economic vitality of Poway businesses by providing a local employee base and patrons.

Affordable Housing Success: Meet Maria - Haley Ranch Estates

Maria's home at Haley Ranch Estates has been a blessing for her and her grandparents. This safe and affordable housing community has given her a foundation for a bright future. Maria grew up volunteering as a junior youth leader in Haley's tutoring program and is now a nursing student at San Diego State University.

For Maria, and other affordable housing residents like her, the future looks very bright.


Affordable Housing Impact Study

In 2010, a study was completed by Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell, Ph.D., UCSD Professor of Urban Studies, that assessed the impacts of Poway's affordable housing developments. Data for the study was gathered from each local affordable housing development and provided greater insight about the families and local employees that live in Poway's affordable housing. Below are links to both the complete study and executive summary.

Facts About Poway Affordable Housing Residents

  • 74% were born or raised in Poway, have family who currently or previously lived in Poway, or have a household member who works in Poway
  • Over 53% lived in Poway before moving into their affordable home
  • More than 37% of working households, work in Poway
  • Median household income in 2008 was $23,973
  • Household sizes are slightly smaller at 2.6 persons per household than the typical 3.1 persons per household, due to the senior population living in Poway's affordable developments