Summary of Elections

The City of Poway was incorporated on December 1, 1980. Any election materials prior to that date are on file at the County Registrar of Voters. Bob Emery, Linda Oravec, Clyde Rexrode, Mary Shepardson and Bruce Tarzy were elected as the first City Council with Bob Emery and Bruce Tarzy receiving the most votes. The City Council held the first election to fill 3 Council seats on April 13, 1982.

On February 8, 1983, an Ordinance was adopted which consolidated future General Municipal Elections with the November Statewide General Elections to reduce cost and increase voter turnout. This extended those officeholders' term 7 months.

April 13, 1982 - 3 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Frank Palfy715
Ellen Hamberg1,470
David Daniels934
Linda Oravec *3,407
Mark Tutt588
W. A. "Bill" Cole2,048
Clyde Rexrode **2,235
Norman Rauch584
L.A. "Bud" Weiderrich1,388
Robert Willcox231
Mary Shepardson*3,305

Registered Voters 15,755
Total Ballots Cast5,806
Voter Turnout37%


**Died April 12, 1982, but was re-elected. Carl Kruse appointed May 4, 1982 to fill vacancy. Took out papers but did not file: Fred Johnson, Forrest Paulson

Disqualified for insufficient signatures on nomination form: Bruce Hamilton

November 6, 1984 - 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Roger Willoughby5,165
Mark O'Dell3,721
Bruce Tarzy *7,609
Bob Emery *8,574

Registered Voters 19,419
Total Ballots Cast14,607
Voter Turnout75%


Took out papers but did not file: Fred Johnson, Forrest Paulson

Disqualified for insufficient signatures on nomination form: Bruce Hamilton

November 4, 1986 - 3 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Brian Quinn1,581
Don Higginson *4,801
Bruce Hamilton1,131
Linda Brannon6,231
Roger Willoughby1,693
Walter Champagne788
Joan Calton748
Allen Kozakiewicz1,008
Carl Kruse *4,287
Linda Oravec3,791
Frank Zemke824
Mary Shepardson3,452
Barry Stratton1,153

Registered Voters20,030
Total Ballots Cast11,588
Voter Turnout58%


Took out papers but did not file: Mary Jude Hagan, Roberto Juarez

File papers, withdrew before the deadline: William Jensen

November 8, 1988 - 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Gordon Meyer4,968
Larry Valente6,687
Jan Goldsmith *8,709
Bob Emery **7,984
Proposition FF Yes10,960
Proposition FF No5,969
Proposition GG Yes4,334
Proposition GG No12,159

Registered Voters23,719
Total Ballots Cast18,291
Voter Turnout77%



Proposition FF - Requiring Voter Approval of Land Use Changes to Certain Property if such changes would increase the density or intensify the use permitted by the law in effect on the date of adoption of this Ordinance.

Proposition GG - Requiring preparation of a Quality of Life Plan

June 5, 1990 - 2 Measures

PositionVotes / Totals
Proposition J Yes3,555
Proposition J No5,188
Proposition K Yes6,056
Proposition K No2,700

Registered Voters22,611
Total Ballots Cast9,363
Voter Turnout41%

Proposition J - Shall the General Plan be amended to permit churches and other religious institutional uses to be constructed on natural slopes of greater than 10 percent in rural residential areas?

Proposition K - Shall the electors elect 4 City Councilmembers and a Mayor who shall have a term of office for 4 years?

November 6, 1990 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Bob Emery5,519
Jan Goldsmith ***8,854
Vicki Lazowski4,715
Don Higginson **6,713
Tony Snesko *7,515
Barry Stratton2,058
Alan Sugarman5,802

Registered Voters23,386
Total Ballots Cast15,233
Voter Turnout65%



***Elected Mayor; created vacancy on Council. Resigned as Mayor August 4, 1992 to enter State Assembly election. Don Higginson appointed to fill the vacancy until the November 3, 1992 Special Election. Kathy McIntyre appointed to fill Council vacancy.

November 3, 1992 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Don Higginson ****13,619
William Hickey5,306
Bob Emery **11,665
Vicki Lazowski5,304
Judy Mantle5,332
Susan Callery *8,745
Howard Collins2,021
Proposition S Yes14,174
Proposition S No5,270

Registered Voters26,775
Total Ballots Cast21,162
Voter Turnout72%



***A Special Election to fill last 2 years of Councilmember Goldsmith's term.

****Elected Mayor; created vacancy on the City Council. Michael "Mickey" Cafagna appointed to fill the vacancy.

Proposition S - Shall an ordinance by adopted which would require voter approval of land use changes which would permit an asphalt plant in the South Poway Planned Community?

Took out papers but did not file: Jim Cunningham (taken out by Connie Youngkin for him for City Council), Charles MacLauclan (Mayor) Withdrew after the filing deadline: Vicki Lazowski

November 8, 1994 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Don Higginson **11,110
Tony Snesko5,528
Kyle Everson6,301
Juil White1,880
Mickey Cafagna *8,017
Jim Crosby4,431
Betty Rexford *6,678

Registered Voters26,522
Total Ballots Cast17,594
Voter Turnout66.3%



Took out papers but did not file: Richard Freund, Valerie Trout, and Roger Willoughby

November 5, 1996 - 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Merrilee Boyack5,899
Peggy Collette2,920
Bob Emery **10,557
Jay Goldby *8,233
John Gonnerman464
Ed Malone1,899
Katrina Pavin1,994
Gary Vineyard1,015
Proposition S Yes3,495
Proposition S No15,214

Registered Voters27,160
Total Ballots Cast19,860
Voter Turnout73%



Took out papers but did not file: Roger Willoughby

Filed papers but did not have 20 qualified signatures: Roger Mannex

Proposition S - would impose stricter regulations on the keeping of horses and other large animals within the City boundaries. Proposition Failed.

June 3, 1997 - 1 Measure

PositionVotes / Totals
Proposition A Yes4,010
Proposition A No752

Registered Voters26,449
Total Ballots Cast4,853
Voter Turnout18%

*Proposition A - Shall an Ordinance replacing the fire protection fee in effect in Poway since 1982 with a fire protection special tax by adopted which will not increase the amount of the assessment and will be used only for fire protection purposes?

Proposition A was adopted by the required 2/3 voter approval.

June 2, 1998 - 1 Measure

PositionVotes / Totals
Proposition J Yes6,794
Proposition J No3,188

Registered Voters25,166
Total Ballots Cast11,089
Voter Turnout44%

Proposition J - Shall an ordinance for funding police, fire, medical and other emergency services be approved which establishes as a special tax the previously authorized charge to continue paying Poway's costs of participating in the Regional Communications System?

Proposition J was adopted by the required 2/3 voter approval.

November 3, 1998 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

Joe Diaz, Jr.5,386
Mickey Cafagna *9,452
Gary R. Vineyard, Sr.3,372
Louis J. Tooch1,353
Don Higginson *10,260
Willie Holland1,235
Betty Rexford **9,968

Registered Voters25,748
Total Ballots Cast16,345
Voter Turnout64%



Took out papers but did not file: Ed Malone, Eric Wiseman

November 7, 2000 - 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Jay Goldby **11,771
Bob Emery **11,467
Roger Willoughby6,778

Registered Voters27,234
Total Ballots Cast17,698
Voter Turnout79%



November 5, 2002 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Mickey Cafagna **10,035
Louis Tooch4,462
Don Higginson **8,791
Betty Rexford **8,975
R.W. "Nick" Stavros6,071
Proposition N Yes7,881
Proposition N No6,614

Registered Voters27,244
Total Ballots Cast15,808
Voter Turnout58%



Proposition N - Shall an ordinance of the City of Poway be adopted which would increase the Transient Occupancy Tax from the current 6 percent to 10 percent of a hotel or motel guest's room rate?

March 2, 2004 - 1 Measure

PositionVotes / Totals
Proposition E Yes2,601
Proposition E No12,211

Registered Voters26,637
Total Ballots Cast14,812
Voter Turnout50.26%

Proposition E - Shall an ordinance be adopted which would change the General Plan and Zoning Designation of Approximately Twenty Acres at the Northwest Corner of Highway 67 and Poway Road from Rural Residential to Automotive/General Commercial?

Proposition E failed.

November 2, 2004 - 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Bob Emery **7,798
Merrilee Boyack *7,788
Jeff Lake6,382
R.W. "Nick" Stavros5,351
Scott Harman4,138
Connie Messina3,037
David C. Harrison1,629
Michael J. Doleshal851

Registered Voters29,050
Total Ballots Cast24,057
Total Votes Cast36,998
Voter Turnout82.81%



November 7, 2006 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Mickey Cafagna *12,994
Ed Carboneau2,893
Don Higginson **10,030
Betty Rexford **9,426
Connie Messina3,751
Joe St. Lucas2,717
David Knopp2,281

Registered Voters27,532
Total Ballots Cast17,432
Total Votes Cast15,995
Voter Turnout63.32%



November 4, 2008 - 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Merrilee Boyack **11,967
Jim Cunningham **11,161
Chuck Cross6,370
Howard Collins4,583

Registered Voters28,551
Total Ballots Cast13,077
Total Votes Cast24,956
Voter Turnout87.41%



June 8, 2010 - Special Municipal Recall Election

PositionVotes / Totals
Shall Betty Rexford be removed from the City Council?
For member of the City Council to succeed Councilmember Betty Rexford if she is removed? (Term ending November 2010)
John Mullin *3,152
Steve Vaus3,049
Pete Babich2,026
Dave Grosch1,214
Chuck Cross709
David Radcliff618
Roger Willoughby377
Howard Collins238

Registered Voters27,421
Total Ballots Cast - Recall Yes or No12,064
Total Ballots Cast - Replacement11,423
Voter Turnout29%


November 2, 2010 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Don Higginson **9,657
R.W. "Nick" Stavros8,138
John Mullin *9,440
Dave Grosch *7,313
Pete Babich6,981
Carl Kruse5,929

Registered Voters27,875
Total Ballots Cast19,937
Total Votes Cast17,833
Voter Turnout71.52%



November 6, 2012 - 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Steve Vaus *11,707
Jim Cunningham **11,571
Jeff Mangum7,705
Gary Vineyard4,188

Registered Voters29,243
Total Ballots Cast24,144
Total Votes Cast35,204
Voter Turnout82.56%



November 4, 2014 - Mayor & 2 City Council Seats

PositionVotes / Totals
Don Higginson6,855
Steve Vaus *8,481

Dave Grosch **10,657
John Mullin **8,979
Christopher Olps3,883

Registered Voters28,759
Total Ballots Cast16,191
Total Votes Cast47,399
Costnot available at this time
Voter Turnout56%



November 8, 2016 - 2 City Council Seats

Votes / Totals
Christopher Olps2,337
Amy Romaker2,905
Jonathan "Jon" Ryan2,680
Torrey Powers1,696
Jim Cunningham**9,542
Joe Calabrese3,133
Barry Leonard*6,291
Sean Finley2,603
John McConnin1,397
Julie Bendinelli3,820
Measure W Yes11,319
Measure W No11,999

Registered Voters29,173
Total Votes Cast25,180
Voter Turnout86.3%



Measure W – "Do you approve Specific Plan Amendment 16-002 as adopted by the Poway City Council to amend the Old Coach Golf Estates Specific Plan, to allow development of a hotel with up to 240 rooms on the existing Maderas Golf Course site located at 17750 Old Coach Road?"

November 7, 2017 - 1 Measure

PositionVotes / Totals
Measure A Yes4,486
Measure A No7,603

Registered Voters29,318
Total Ballots Cast12,104
Voter Turnout41.29%

Measure A – Shall the ordinance changing the General Plan and Zoning Land Use Map to redesignate a portion of the Stoneridge Country Club from Open Space-Recreation to Residential Condominium with the Stoneridge Overlay Zone to allow for the development of not more than 180 residential condominium units for residents over the age of 55 be adopted?

November 6, 2018 - Mayor, Districts 1 and 3 City Council Seats (4 years), and City Council Short Term Seat (2 years)

PositionVotes / Totals
Mayor (4 years)
Steve Vaus**12,895
Brian Edmonston3,929
Emily Johnson3,169
Yuri Bohlen634
Council District 1 (4 years)

Dave Grosch **2,257
Jon Ryan1,181
Pete Neild863
John Carson343
Council District 3 (4 years)
John Mullin**3,140
Joe Calabrese1,723
 City Council Short Term (2 years)
Caylin Frank*9,338
Torrey Powers6,811
Tony T. Russo2,331

Registered Voters30,171
Total Votes Cast approximately (2 card ballot)20,687
Voter Turnout74.3%