Rates & Fees

All revenue from the city’s water and wastewater (sewer) rates and charges are used exclusively for the recovery of costs associated with providing water and sewer services, and to fund system maintenance and capital improvements. 

In addition to funding operation and maintenance of the City’s water system, adjustments to rates are necessary to recover pass-through cost increases from Metropolitan Water and the San Diego County Water Authority for raw water and fixed service charges. Adjustments to sewer rates are necessary to recover pass-through cost increases from San Diego Metro, where the City’s wastewater is treated and discharged into the ocean.

Current Water  and Wastewater Rates

The Poway City Council held a public hearing and approved four year rates for water and wastewater (sewer)  on November 2, 2021. The City of Poway’s water and sewer rates are updated annually, effective the first full billing cycle after January 1. The rate changes are reflected on bill statements mailed to customers in March/April. 

Rates are approved through calendar year 2025. To view the current and future rates for water and sewer service, view the Water/Wastewater Rates table for more information.   

Bill Calculator

Bill Estimator (Excel)Estimate your bill for 2022 through 2025. Customers may download the bill estimator Excel file to determine an estimate for  water and wastewater service for 2022-2025. There are options for both residential and non-residential customers.

Water / Wastewater Rate Resources

The notice of the public hearing was mailed to Poway customers on September 15, 2021 to 13,300 property owners with municipal water and/or wastewater service. To comply with rules of Prop 218 (passed by California voters in 1996), the city is required to provide written notice to property owners with water and/or wastewater service by mail of the proposed property-related fee or charge at least 45 days prior to the public hearing.

Utility-Related Fees

For other services such as Restoration of Service, After-Hours Restoration, and Tag Fees, please refer to the table below.

After-Hours Restoration Fee on Weekdays after 3:30pm, closed Fridays, or Saturdays**$70
After-Hours Restoration Fee on Sundays or Holidays**$86
Hydrant Meter Billing / Closing Account$96
Meter Testing$70
Returned Check / Payment$25
Tag Fee$32
Turn-off /Restoration of Service - Regular Business Hours$54
Damaged Lock Fee- Tampering with/or breaking the lock$84

**The After-Hours Restoration Fee is in addition to the Turn-off/Restoration of Service Fee. This fee must be paid the following business day no later than 9 a.m. at the Customer Services Division located at City Hall to avoid an interruption in service.