Construction Hydrant Meter

How to Apply for a Hydrant Meter

All requests for a temporary construction hydrant meter must be made in person at least 2 business days before the meter is needed. Please come to the Customer Services counter at City Hall (13325 Civic Center Drive) during normal business hours to complete or hand in the Application for Hydrant Meter Water Service (PDF).

A $1,200 deposit in the form of a check, money order, or cash is required to finalize the request. This deposit will be refunded without interest when the meter is removed and the account is closed. We will deduct the amount of your closing water bill, installation and removal charges, and any meter loss or damage from the deposit.

If possible, please provide a map of the location for placing the hydrant meter at the time of your request. This will assist us in properly placing the meter.

Hydrant Meter Billing

Customers are  charged a bimonthly basic water service charge, in addition to water consumption charges from the time the meter is installed until it is removed and the account is closed. 

Bills are processed at the end of Feb, April, June, August, October, & December. Payment is expected on due date noted on bills, which is approximately 2 weeks after bills are processed. If not paid in a timely manner, late fees and/or termination fees will be charged and the meter will be picked up by City. 

If you only require the meter for a short period of time, your closing bill will be processed within 1 week after the meter has been picked up or returned. Prior to our picking up the meter, you must remove your backflow device.

Backflow Protection Device

You must provide a backflow protection device on the hydrant meter and provide certification from an approved tester that the backflow device works properly. The City of Poway does not provide the backflow device. A city-approved Certified Tester must complete a Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report (PDF) within 5 days of the meter being set, and you need to provide that report to the city.

Request to Move or Remove the Hydrant Meter

In order to move or remove the hydrant meter, please call our Customer Services Division at 858-668-4401. We can generally handle your request the same business day if your request is received before 3 p.m.