Outstanding Warrants (Checks)

Outstanding Check List

The outstanding check list (PDF) contains City of Poway checks that have been outstanding for more than 6 months. The list is updated on the city's website on a monthly basis.

Outstanding checks remain unclaimed for 3 or more years will become part of the city's annual escheatment process. In May of each year, the city, as provided by the Government Code, begins the process of retiring outstanding checks that are 3 or more years old. A list of these checks is advertised in the local paper for 2 consecutive weeks and is then presented to the City Council. If the checks remain unclaimed for between 45 and 60 days after they are first advertised, they then become the property of the city and are transferred to the City's General, Water or Sewer Fund as appropriate.

Unclaimed Monies Form

The Unclaimed Monies Form (PDF) can be submitted to the city if you are the rightful recipient of one of the outstanding warrants / checks on the list.