Ambulance Billing

Emergency medical services, including ambulance transportation, are provided by the City of Poway as part of the Poway Fire Department operations. The city’s billing company Wittman Enterprises bills patients for ambulance services. As a courtesy, the Wittman Enterprises will submit claims to private insurance companies, TriCare, Medicare, and Medi-Cal for emergency ambulance services provided by the Poway Fire Department.

Payment Methods

Payment for services can be made in person, online or by mail.

OnlineBy Mail

Wittman Enterprises
Online Patient Portal

Wittman Enterprises
PO Box 269110
Sacramento, CA 95670

Current Rates & Charges

Type of SupportResident FeeNon-Resident Fee
Advanced Life Support$1,029$1,366
Basic Life Support$866$1,196

For a full description of ambulance charges, please see the following:

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) Notice

Patient confidentiality is important. After transport by ambulance services, each patient is given a pamphlet upon request which contains important information about how medical information is used and how information can be accessed. The HIPAA Notice (PDF) explains the Fire Department’s legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your Protected Health Information (PHI).