Hiking in the Rain

hiking in rainDon't let the rain keep you inside. Even in wet weather, if you take proper precautions you can still enjoy a hike on the trails around Poway.

While you should always check current conditions before heading out and avoid flood prone areas, there are benefits to a wet weather walk. Kealy Fox, Interpretive Services Coordinator with Poway's Community Services department, says that you can burn more calories hiking when it’s raining, plus the popular trails are typically less crowded.

Fox recommends carrying REI’s “Ten Essentials,” which is a “must follow” among hikers. And here are a few additional tips to consider:

  • Staying dry is easier than drying off after you’re wet. Wear/bring a rain cover, but in a pinch a large trash bag makes a great water-resistant poncho. 
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep the rain off your face, or a baseball cap tucked under the hood of your jacket.
  • Wear waterproof hiking boots with thicker soles for better traction on slippery – and possibly muddy – trails and bring extra socks. You may want to also take hiking poles to help you keep your balance.
  • Pack your valuables in a waterproof pouch – or at the very least in a ziplock-type bag.
  • Don’t wear cotton – as it absorbs water – but do bring a cotton bandana as it’s compact to carry and great for drying things off.

The City of Poway has 78 miles of trails; most remain open during inclement weather. Follow the City of Poway (@cityofpoway) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with weather conditions and any park or trail closures.