Angler of the Month

Calling all Anglers! Starting January 2023, each month you will have the opportunity to win two fishing permits, and a full day motor boat. To enter weigh in your largest caught fish at the boat dock (dock scale must be used by city staff). Prizes will be given away each month in the following categories: Bass, Catfish, and Trout. 

Prizes for the category of Bass will not be given during spawning season (March and April).  

Winners will be contacted the first week of the following month. 

2023 Angler of the Month

Month Bass Catfish Trout
January Sara: 2.8 lb.

 Dylan: 16.93 lb.  Ocampo 3.15 lb
February Aaron: 4.45 lb.

Ryan: 12.30 lb.  John: 2.73 lb. 
March  No Prize: 
Spawning Season
Matthew: 38.5 lb. Edrike: 4.6 lb. 
April  No Prize: 
Spawning Season
Garrett: 30.15 lb. Adam: 1.10 lb. 
 Bob: 4.00 lb.
Lester: 12.18 lb.  Andrew 1.15 lb. 

Anglers of the Month

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