Financial Hardship Policy and Application


To establish a policy and procedure that allows the modifying of emergency medical services and ambulance transport fees (ambulance billing) for individuals that are low-income and uninsured, based on San Diego County Income Limits of 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) as defined by the County of San Diego Housing and Community Development Services.


This policy applies to those who receive emergency medical services or ambulance transport by the City of Poway Fire Department who are unable to pay for their fees due to financial hardship reasons. An individual must not have been injured while involved in the commission of a criminal activity.

The charges billed may be modified based upon documentation that demonstrates an individual’s financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances. The procedure below outlines the evaluation process of a financial hardship request.


  1. No one will be denied necessary emergency medical services due to either their inability to pay or medical coverage.
  2. The City of Poway will consider a range of factors when deciding whether the full payment of the ambulance charges will cause the applicant financial hardship. In making the determination, the City may compare the amount earned, living expenses, assets, and debts.
  3. Individuals who are uninsured, unemployed, homeless or have other financial hardship reasons may request an application and review of their charges. The patient, or their designee, shall complete the Financial Hardship Application and submit documentation to support their hardship request. An application can be requested from the Wittman Enterprises at 1-800-906-6552.
  4. Applicants are required to return and sign the completed application form and submit all required documentation for the request to be considered.
  5. The application and accompanying documentation will be sent to Wittman Enterprises by the patient or their designee. The Fire Chief, or other staff designee, will receive the information for review and decision to reduce the charges or deny the request. The applicant will receive notice as to the final disposition of the request.

If you have any questions, please call the City of Poway's billing company, Wittman Enterprises, at 1-800-906-6552.