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1. When can I water my yard?
2. Are pool covers required?
3. Are there rebate programs available to help with water conservation?
4. Are turf replacement rebates available?
5. Is well water subject to restrictions?
6. Are water conservation measures mandatory?
7. If the San Diego region has already diversified where our water comes from and increased our storage capacity, why must the region conserve water?
8. Who do water restrictions apply to?
9. Where does our water come from?
10. Does the City use recycled water?
11. Can the City provide recycled water in other parts of Poway?
12. Can I install a gray water system?
13. Can I dig a well on my property?
14. Can't we use seawater to create more drinking water?
15. What is the City doing to conserve water in parks and City-maintained landscaped areas?
16. Should the City replace some of its grass sports fields with synthetic turf?
17. How has the City conserved water in Landscape Maintenance Districts?
18. How is the City conserving water on street medians?
19. How does the City use water efficiently at public facilities?
20. Why is water from reservoir tanks and fire hydrants drained? Can it be used?
21. Aren’t decorative fountains wasting water?
22. Why is development occurring during the drought?
23. Do City landscaping requirements promote water conservation?
24. How can residents conserve water while maintaining landscaping that prevents slope erosion or reduces fire danger?
25. What if my homeowners association has CC&Rs regulating maintenance of landscaping that conflict with the City's water conservation ordinance?
26. Are parks and golf courses subject to the restrictions?
27. Are there water conservation classes available?
28. Why have residents been asked to conserve water through outdoor water restrictions?
29. Why are car dealerships allowed to wash cars during the day?
30. Who can I call if I have more questions, or observe water waste?