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Posted on: February 8, 2017

Quality of Life Isn’t by Accident


Poway’s commitment to maintaining its quality of life standards and preserving its character are fundamental to the city now and heavily influences how it moves forward. Looking ahead at the major projects in store around Poway, we asked City Manager Tina White to give us her assessment of not only where we’re going, but what it takes to get there.

When people describe the City of Poway, they often talk about it in terms of is its high quality of life. It’s a cornerstone of our community, an accomplishment for which we are extremely proud. But quality of life doesn’t happen by accident; there’s a lot that takes place behind the scenes to ensure that quality is maintained or enhanced.

Progress may seem to move slowly to those on the outside. But, here in Poway, success isn’t measured by our pace. It’s measured in our purposeful attention to detail and commitment to the values that our community was built on. A significant amount of effort takes place to ensure we are moving in the right direction for our community.

We pay particular attention to our city’s infrastructure and public places. It’s common to hear people talk about how Poway maintains its streets at a much higher level than other communities. While you may notice the well-tended roads, you may not notice the other stuff.  The behind-the-scenes stuff that’s not so obvious.

Think of it like you would your home. If you purchase a brand-new home, you might spend the first 10 to 20 years decorating and making the home “yours.” At some point, however, you must begin to repair or upgrade things.  Maybe you eventually add a room because your family grows or you replace the leaky roof.

The city’s assets can be viewed in much the same way.  A great deal of our infrastructure was installed or built prior to the city’s incorporation.  While the city has taken great care of its assets, they do not have an infinite life. Nor does the city have an unlimited budget. It takes careful planning and intentional prioritization to ensure the city’s capital project program moves our community in the right direction and contributes to the quality of life that sets Poway apart.

We’re moving forward on a number of high-impact projects this year, but not all progress will be visible. Much like major home improvement projects, there’s a lot that happens prior to breaking ground. Here are a few of the improvements that you will be able to see around Poway in 2017:

Community and Starridge Park Playground Renovations

Poway is known for its parks and playgrounds. This project will replace the existing play surface at Community Park and install new equipment at Starridge Park. Parents should be on the watch for this to be completed before the end of June.

Lake Poway Boat Dock Replacement

Lake Poway is a recreational treasure for the city and a popular spot for boating, fishing, hiking and picnicking. The existing wooden boat dock is deteriorating and requires frequent repairs. A new, concrete boat dock will last longer and cost less to maintain every year. Plans are in place to build the new dock next to the old one to limit any disruption of activities on the lake.

Water Projects

Maintaining our water delivery system is a critical part of keeping Poway’s water supply safe. Two projects totaling close to $1.3 million will address issues facing the city’s aging water infrastructure. The Alta Mira Reservoir is a 1-million-gallon reservoir constructed in 1981. This will be its first full rehabilitation project and extend its use to store water for our city. Projects at the city’s water treatment plant will address repair and maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

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