Open Government

  1. City Records

    The City of Poway understands and supports the public’s right to access public records created and maintained by the city in the course of their normal business. The City Clerk’s Office is the custodian of official records and is responsible for the conservation of the permanent records.

  2. City Salaries and Benefits

    Find information on city salaries, benefits, and pension reform.

  3. Code of Ethics

    The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to set a standard of conduct for all elected officials, officers, employees, members of committees and commissions and volunteers for the City of Poway.

  4. Financial Information

    Access budgets and financial reports.

  1. Municipal Code

    View the Poway Municipal Code online.

  2. Pension Reform

    Snapshot of pension reform in the City of Poway.

  3. Enterprise System Catalog