Public Safety

  1. Ambulance Billing

    Learn about ambulance billing fees and payments.

  2. CrimeMapping

    Crime Mapping is dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies provide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity by neighborhood.

  3. Emergency Preparedness

    Find programs, services, and sources of information to help you be prepared for emergencies.

  4. Fire Department

    The mission of the Department of Safety Services is to reduce the loss of life and property from fire, medical, and environmental emergencies through educations, hazard reduction and response.

  1. Megan's Law

    View a map whick lists designated registered sex offenders in California.

  2. Parking Citations

    Read about parking ticket payments and appeals.

  3. Sheriff's Department

    Please visit the San Diego County Sheriff's Department website to find out about patrol stations, services, recruitment, and more!