The Training Division is responsible for the initial and ongoing training for the Poway Fire Department. This is accomplished through an annual training plan that outlines the goals and objectives for each year. This ensures adequate training and skill proficiency in all aspects of the duties of a firefighter. Each division participates in a minimum of 20 hours of training per month in addition to their other duties and responsibilities. The Training Division has also developed a career development program to assist firefighters in further enhancing their careers in the fire service.
  1. Annual Training Plan

    The Annual Training Plan provides the foundation for planning and scheduling training activities for the Poway Fire Department.

  2. Driver / Operator Certification Program

    The Poway Fire Department has developed the Driver / Operator Certification Program to ensure personnel meet the wide array of responsibilities placed upon the driver / operator of fire apparatus.

  3. Fire Training Facilities

    The Poway Fire Department provides several facilities focused on training and professional development activities for its personnel.

  4. Firefighter Career Path

    Find out what it takes to become a successful firefighter.

  5. Joint Apprenticeship Committee

    The California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee's primary goal is to improve the quantity and quality of training for professional firefighters.

  6. Station Libraries

    The Poway Fire Department has established a library of books and reference materials at each fire station, which consist of up-to-date, pertinent items that will assist with individual development and company training activities.

  7. Training & Professional Development Program

    The goal of the Training and Professional Development Program is to establish and maintain quality training and proficiency in areas of emergency response relating to fire suppression, technical rescue, emergency medical service, and environmental emergencies.