Emergency Preparedness Workbook

The Poway Fire Department, Emergency Services Division, prepared the Emergency Preparedness Workbook (PDF) for the residents and businesses of Poway. It is designed to assist you in developing personal plans to cope with unforeseen emergencies and disasters.

Although the information in this book should help you to prepare for all types of emergencies, as you will see, we tend to focus most of our preparedness activities around the threat of earthquakes. This is because a major earthquake will disrupt lifelines such as emergency services, utilities, and transportation routes. To cope and survive, citizens will need to be self-sufficient for at least 3 days and probably up to 1 week. Obviously, this requires some thought and planning.

Use this workbook as a guide. Not all of the information will pertain to you. If you haven't done anything before, don't get discouraged. You don't have to accomplish everything in 1 day. Take it step by step. Make preparedness an ongoing family project.


The information in this workbook was compiled from many sources. Much of it was obtained from the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services and the American Red Cross. For further information, contact the following:

Biannual Disaster Plan Checks

Most people have a calendar that they mark with reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Use this same calendar as a reminder to review your disaster plan, change the batteries in your smoke detector, check on supplies, etc. This should be done twice a year (e.g., when the time changes to and from daylight savings).

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