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  1. steam-engine-TS

    Poway Celebrates Its Steam Locomotive April 28

    The beloved No. 3 Baldwin Steam Locomotive, the only operational steam locomotive accessible to the public in San Diego County, had returned to service. Read on...
  2. poway-road-paseo-TS

    New Development Embraces Vision of Poway Road Corridor Plan

    Newly revised standards already making an impact on future development in the Town Center area Read on...
  3. city-offices-TS

    Planned Removal of Trees at Stoneridge Country Club

    The City addresses inquiries regarding the planned removal of trees at Stoneridge Country Club, as well as requests for the City to take action to address the removal. Read on...
  4. Construction Ahead TS (1)

    Twin Peaks Traffic Signal Upgrades Continue

    Ongoing road work is part of a traffic signal upgrade project to improve safety and replace aged equipment. Read on...
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